Kick and punch your enemies!

Use your special item with (X) or [V] to gain an advantage and fight back!

The more life you lost, the better your special item will be.



  • Three special powers (speed up, damage up, invincibility)
  • Three gorgeous parallax stages
  • Powerful AI (if statements and random!)
  • Multiplayer gameplay (using two Xbox360 pads)
  • One smooth music track


Marjolaine Paz  / graphics, music

Lucien Catonnet / programming, sound

//♥ Made with Raccoon, our WIP open source Fantasy Console ♥//


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What's the lasting health for?

Oh hey sorry I didn't notice your comment, I'm guessing you mean the fact that when you lose health, it shows as a color instead of just disappearing right away. That amount of health lost can be used to trigger special powers (by pressing V on keyboard or X on a controller). When triggering a power it will actually eat away that color bar. So by losing health you're actually converting it to power :) you regen the health or something?